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Wweminis by WereKatt   I have a few doubles of the WWE Mystery minis that I am selling for 800 points each. Note me if you are interested :) Willing to talk about price if need be.  Shipping is included in the price.
Been thinking about selling more of my Funko Mystery Minis that I have doubles on for DA points. I have WWE, Horror, Sci Fi, and Nightmare Before Christmas ones . Let me know and I will post photos.
Anybody collect Funko Mystery Minis? I have some doubles I am thinking of selling for DA points. Going to start off with horror themed ones :) If people are interested, let me know. Send me a note.   Horror minis by WereKatt
So I recently got blocked for the first time on here. I find it amusing :) I was in contact with the person about doing a photomanip , which they were all excited for......or at least acted like, and then I find out I am blocked. I don't understand if you are not wanting to do it....then just say so. Don't ask questions and say you will help me out if you don't plan on it. People are so weird :)
Have a lot of catching up to do as I have been in Washington DC for a week on vacation. Had fun but it is nice to be back home :)